Best Way to Get the Rodents Out of the Attic

The common attic pests such as squirrels, bats, rats, mice are the source of every homeowner’s nightmare. Having an infestation in your attic will not be a good thing. Every minute they stay in your attic equates to the damages that they can cause. If you failed to target the real cause of the infestation, you will find them crawling back inside the moment you drive them away.

Tips to Keep Kalamazoo Rodents Away from Your Attic
Removal of the nuisance creature should not become a redundant process. Once you understand how these pests are getting inside and the things that are attracting them, then you can successfully exclude them. You will guarantee that your house will remain free from vermin for a long time.

Determine Your Enemy
The rodents that are denning in your attic can cause significant damage. They will tear our insulation, chew electrical wires and contaminate our attic. They may carry various illnesses such as salmonellosis and Hantavirus. In order to find a way to get rid of them, you need to know what type of rodent is dwelling in your attic. You need to know how to identify the creatures by observing their scat, rub marks, tracks, and the strange noise that they create. For instance, if you have a visit from a raccoon, you might stumble upon their scat that is around ¾ inch and has an undigested food particle. The mice on the other hand will have a length of 1/8 inch.

Getting Rid of Mice
Since they are prolific breeders, a small mice problem can lead to a huge infestation in just a couple of weeks. Mice tend to follow electrical wires and water pipes as their path. Try to place some traps along their paths. You may need to set-up multiple traps especially if you are already hearing the rustling and chattering noise they create. Once you captured the animal, you should already know what to do with the mice. You may either euthanize them or release them but be sure that you’ve already sealed the entry points of the mice.

How to Remove the Kalamazoo Rats in Your Attic
The trap that you should use should be able to withstand the size, weight and the force of the rat. Using a mousetrap against a rat will not be effective and will simply irritate them. Compared to the mice that are always curious, the rats will be wary on the new things in their environment. Allow them to get used to the presence of trap. Place the trap all over the attic without activating it. Once they are comfortable with the trap, you may now set it up.

Before trying to get rid of the squirrel, we encourage you to call the local wildlife agency. They will educate you about the traps that you can use and whether you can release them. If situation is a bit complex, a professional may have to get the deed done. Cage traps that captures but do not harm the creature is a better choice.

It is essential to make sure that these Michigan rodents will not enter your attic in the first place. You should periodically inspect your house and repair the holes. Keep your area clean and clear the elements that can attract their interest.

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