How to Get Rid of the Skunks the Fastest Way

A skunk in your property can expose you to several safety and health risks. Apart from the hazard of being sprayed by skunk, they are also potential carrier of the deadly rabies virus. With their sharp claws and persistent attitude, they will be tearing our garbage bags and toppling our trashcans. Fortunately, there are simple, fast, and effective ways that you can deter the activities of the Kalamazoo skunks.

Fastest Way to Remove the Skunk
When you plan to remove the skunk form your home, understand that there will be no magic spray or repellent that will work against them. The best way to eliminate them is to follow the methods we will mention in this article.

Remove their Access
Start by inspecting your home structure and note all the possible openings and spaces that they can use. You must make it hard for the skunk to access that place. For instance, skunks love to dwell in the spaces under our porch or shed. Covering the openings with hardware cloth will remove their access from this area. Since skunks are not adept climbers, excluding them from your house is relatively easy. You can surround your house with a conventional fence. Skunks are known for digging. Make sure that the fence will be buried at least 1 ft below the ground.

Eliminate their Food Source
One of the main reasons why the skunks are frequenting your property is due to the bountiful food source. If you don’t do something about it, the Kalamazoo skunk will return to your property until they have depleted the food source. In order to avoid attracting their attention, the food sources in your property should be limited. Start by employing a good waste management system. Make it a habit to clean the exterior of your trash can since the waste residue can draw their interest. If you are disposing perishable items, double the bag and place it at the bottom of the garbage bin. Spray insecticides in your lawn once you notice some shallow holes.

Baiting and Trapping
Perhaps the safest and fastest way to get rid of the skunk is with the use of traps. Before you set up your trap, you should call the local wildlife center and ask them if there are any restrictions and rules on setting up the traps. Make sure that the skunk is not under the protection of state law. Follow the instruction of the manufacturer on the packaging of the trap. You should also test the spring of the trap to ensure that it will activate without any problems. The best bait to use would probably be the pet food due to its greasy and smelly scent.

Once you successfully capture the skunk, you can call the local game commission or humane animal society that will assist you in releasing the trapped Michigan skunk. This is quite important since the skunks are known to be very aggressive and agitated once they are trapped inside the cage. Someone who lacks the experience will probably be sprayed when releasing them.

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