Will Raccoons Dig Holes

Raccoons may appear like an adorable creature and its quite exciting to watch them. However, the damages that they can cause will not be that adorable. The raccoons may reach an average body mass of 35lbs. They will carry zoonotic diseases and can cause damage amounting to $900 million every year. While most of these damages will happen once the raccoon invaded your house, they can also cause damages in our lawn through their persistent digging.

Why Do Kalamazoo Raccoons Dig Holes?
While there are many animals that can dig holes in your lawns, the holes that are excavated overnight will be done by the skunk or Michigan raccoon. In order to discern the holes that the raccoons dig, the opening of the holes will usually be conical. It will have a width of about 3-4 inches, there are some instances when the opening will be 10 inches. The holes will likely manifest in the areas where the raccoons are foraging their food. While searching for food, they can also peel the freshly-installed sods.

Hunting for Food
The shallow holes that you will encounter in your yard is the sign that the raccoon is hunting for food. They prefer to eat insects, worms, and grubs. Thanks to their olfactory sense, they can easily find the location of their target. If you want to control their digging habit, you might want to treat the cause. You should find a way to eliminate the insects in your property. Avoid choosing solutions with strong chemicals especially if you lack the experience in using them.

Building Burrows
While the raccoons will usually den in the abandoned burrows of other urban mammals and hollows of the trees, there are still instances when they will create their own burrows. Sometimes, they are also willing to share the burrows with other species but not with raccoons. They are not social creatures but will still tolerate their presence when feeding especially if there is enough food.

What to Do with the Raccoons Digging in Your Lawn
Whether you plan to control the insects in your yard, or you want to prevent the visit of the raccoon, there are some simple things that you can do that will help you achieve your goal. Reducing the insects in your yard can be as simple as using an insect repellent. After you successfully eradicated the grubs and insects, your lawn will be less-desirable for the Kalamazoo raccoons. The gardens with fresh vegetables may also attract the attention of the creature. Harvest the fruit in advance or you may install barriers around the plant to protect it from raccoon. You may also use an electric fence in your yard. The electric shock will not be enough to kill the creature but will be effective in keeping them away.

Raccoons are known for causing significant damage to our property. They may also end up in conflict with our pets. If none of the methods above worked, a professional raccoon removal company can assign a specialist that will help solve your problem.

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