How to Remove the Mice in Your Car

Due to the flexibility and the size of the Kalamazoo mice, they can squeeze their body in virtually any type of space such as our vehicle. There are instances when they will crawl inside the car’s vents where they can die. This will saturate the car with a suffocating odor. The mice can also cause damages in the different components of our vehicles such as the tubes, wires, and the circuits. People will often wonder how to keep these mice out of their car. This matter should be treated seriously since it can affect the performance of your vehicle.

How do They Get inside the Car?
While your car might seem protected from the mice infestation, the mice are crafty creatures that enables them to get into inaccessible space. They can fit into a hole that is around 1/4 inch in diameter. They will first get into our engine and will eventually move in different corners of our vehicle. Some of the possible entry points that they can use include the steering column, the hole in the cables, pedal shafts, and vents. Knowing how they enter your car can help you look for a solution to prevent them.

Preventing the Michigan Mice from Entering Your Car
When you open the compartment of your car, the last thing that you want to encounter would be a mice infestation. The tips we will mention below can help you stay away from this type of situation.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Car- In case your car is filled with clutters, it can be a possible nesting ground for the mice. All cups, plastic bags, tissues, papers, and garbage must be eliminated regularly.

Control the Moisture Level-The moisture level inside the car should be kept at an optimal level. The Kalamazoo mice are normally attracted on areas with high level of moisture. There are different situations that can lead to the increase in moist such as leaking of the heater and blockage on the pollen filter.

Trim the Foliage- In case you are parking your car in your yard, make sure that the foliage is trimmed down periodically.

Keeping Them Outside the Car Engine
Experts will often recommend car owners to park their vehicle indoors. This creates a barrier between your car and the outdoor elements. There are also different ways on how you can keep the mice away form your car. For instance, you may place the cat litter box close to the car. This will encourage the cat to patrol the area frequently. The scent of their dropping can also alarm the mice of the presence of a predator. They may find this uncomfortable and will choose to den in a safer and comfortable area.

There is no 100% way to keep the rodents off your vehicle. Nonetheless, the methods that we mentioned here can greatly reduce their activities. This will ensure that your vehicle will remain safe for the passengers. In case the methods above failed to solve your problem, try to call the help of the expert. Visit our Kalamazoo animal removal home page to learn more about us.